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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 19 December 2010 14:06

Nical Rotary Screen for Printing       

Regarding to the quality of our Rotary Screen, We are the Leading Rotary Screen Manufacturer With Very Modern Production line. We Using Advanced Technology and have Perfect Quality Assurance System. We Can Proof that the Technical Index of our High Mesh Screens Already Reached the Advance Level of the Same Products 
Our screen quality have the advantages as following:


To Maintain the Durability and Repeat use, our Screen Thickness is Higher than Ordinary Screen in average 10-15 micron, for examples:
             Our Screen Thickness          Ordinary Screen Thickness
80 mesh        120 - 125 Micron                 105 Micron
125 mesh      105 - 110 Micron                  95 - 100 Micron
It can be proved by compare its weight, our screen weight is heavier than ordinary screen in average 100 grams. According to our end users in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand our rotary screen can repeat be used 3 to 4 times.

Open Area %

Our Screen have High Percentage of open Area in Average 1-2% Higher than other Ordinary Screens.
             Our Screen Open Area        Ordinary Screen Open Area
125 mesh        13 - 15 %                              12 - 13 %
155 mesh        12 - 14 %                              11 - 12 %


According to the Quality Requirement, the Differences Between the two Ends of the Rotary Screen must be less than 50 micron in Thickness, and Must lower than 0.5 - 1 % in Open Area.
Other Ordinary Rotary Screen is Doubled in that Figures of the Differences Between the two Ends than ours.
Our screen can Guarantee that the Differences in Thickness is less than 5 Micron and the Open Area Difference is less than 0.5%.
Normally, the Ordinary Screen has a Common Problem that two Ends is Thicker and Middle is thinner, the Difference is about 10 micron to 15 Micron.

All Mesh Count and Specification in full Range:

We Can Supply Mesh Count: 80, 100, 105, 125, 135, 155, 180 Per Inch.
We Also have full Range in length: 1450mm - 3500mm (57" - 138")
Repeat: 640mm(25"), 725mm(28.5"), 820mm(32"), 914mm(36"), 1017mm(40"),  1680mm(66").
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